Do We Truly Desire Justice?

Today we have a press/media that primarily misinforms. Being misinformed is as bad and even worse than being uninformed.  And, while many of us see that this is what’s happening, day after day I observe Americans on all sides of the political spectrum continuing to quickly parrot what they’ve been told to think and believe without any effort or interest in confirming, corroborating, or getting the whole story, hypocritically assuming the worst or the best in others, as it suits the particular narrative they prefer to believe.

This demonstrates that we are not genuinely interested in truth or justice, but only in venting our outrage, our self-pity, and our need to virtue signal in order to look good in the eyes of others at any cost, including disparaging anyone who would dare think differently.  Instead of rejoicing when the truth wins out, we only rejoice when our perceived ideological enemies get what we think they deserve, foolishly and shortsightedly forgetting that everyone of us will some day give an account for what we have done in this life.   As a side note, let me add that few things show how prideful and self-important we are than asking people to “unfriend” us if they don’t agree with our virtue signaling attempts.

The bottom line is that it is no accident that we have arrived here as a nation.  People say things like, “we are better than this”, when the truth is we are not, or at least we haven’t been for a very long time.   We all know that you can’t plant lemon seeds and expect a cherry tree to grow.  Similarly, people and nations that continue to sow falsehood, selfishness, pride and injustice in our laws, against even the most innocent among us, cannot expect to reap a harvest of truth, integrity, humility, and justice.

So why are you so surprised, saddened or fearful?  Why are you blaming Clinton, Bush, Obama or Trump, Republicans or Democrats?  Don’t you realize that these all accurately reflect our true values as a nation, the good and the bad, the classy and the crass?  When we look at them, we are looking in the national mirror.

Do you truly desire the good and hate evil and selfishness?  Do you really desire integrity, truth and justice?  Then you need to love it, search for it, and work hard for it, and sow it with true humility, instead of doing the things I mention above.  We are either part of the solution or part of the problem.