Beth Moore

Let me begin by stating upfront that I don’t know Beth Moore.  I haven’t read any of her teachings. I didn’t read her open letter or any open letter response.  What I have read are many of the comments about her from Christians who clearly dismiss her or anything she has to say simply because she is a woman who some recognize as a leader and teacher.  The following is primarily addressed to you.

Whether you agree with Beth Moore’s teaching or not, the idea of male headship is not only biblical, it is not anything remotely resembling what it has come to mean in many Christian circles if we truly believe Scripture is the final authority (sola-Scriptura) over the teachings and traditions of otherwise faithful Christian leaders.

It is extremely inconsistent to take 1 Tim. 2:11-15 to mean that women, by their very nature, are ill-suited and unqualified to preach, lead or teach men and therefore demand they cease from such activity and remain silent in Church services/meetings.  If we are going to be consistent then we must also demand that they be allowed to prophecy in such meetings, albeit with their heads covered according to 1 Corinthians 11:5.

How can it be that when we speak of the former passage, those who demand adherence to the letter of Paul’s words, completely and unthoughtfully dismiss any possible cultural context of the passage (as well as other Scriptures with women leaders in the Old and New Testament), but, when discussing the latter passage, understand that context is important and consider groups who demand women keep their heads covered in the Church meetings as being legalistic?  No one accuses them of being influenced by feminism or other philosophies of the world, as opposed to Christ when they contradict Paul’s words about women having their heads covered in the Church meetings/services.

It should be obvious to anyone that an instruction that women be silent and yet expect them to be prophesying in public are contradictory. Since we know that both these passages are “God breathed” we can’t just dismiss or attempt to explain away the passage that doesn’t fit our tradition and condemn men and woman who are not in our doctrinal camp as knowingly sinning because they are rejecting the Word of God.

The time has come for the Church to stop using the biblical idea of male headship to undermine, criticize and silence the anointed women leaders that God is raising up, in the name of fighting feminism.  If Beth Moore’s teaching doesn’t fit that bill, that’s one thing.  But there is zero biblical basis for rejecting her or any other leader simply because they are a woman.