How Politically Partisan are You?

How politically partisan are you?

The political partisan doesn’t care about truth or the rule of law except if it can serve their cause. Otherwise they will ignore, lie, or twist the truth in order to advance their agenda. They will even attempt to redefine the very meaning of words.

The political partisan’s willingness and ability to think wisely and rationally is overridden and clouded by a predominantly emotionally driven desire to achieve partisan goals.  If it feels right, it must be right.  If it feels wrong, it must be wrong.

The political partisan will indiscriminately put forth anything that they deem supportive to their ideology, but expect and demand sources and corroboration from anyone who puts forth anything that they deem contradictory to it.  The partisan will always demonstrate that they have only one overriding allegiance, the party’s ideology and platform.

While anyone can fall prey to group-think, partisans are the epitome of group-think.  In cult-like fashion, they learn fear, spread fear, and un-thoughtfully reject all other platforms without meaningful consideration. With the partisan, there is not nor can there be any middle ground, for they thrive on an us versus them mentality.

Partisans can articulate their platform, however they are often unwilling to go below the surface in order to understand and articulate the philosophy behind any particular tenet of their platform. Hence, the partisan will often resort to unsubstantiated and verbose shaming in order to shut down, rather than adequately confront opposition or even entertain the possibility of flaws in their own ideology or reasoning.

Political partisanship comes in all flavors.  The above are not limited to those who consider themselves Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Conservative, Green, or any other political party.

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